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SAFEAir Compact Pneumatic Actuators

A pneumatic actuator is powered by compressed air in order to move a valve, typically through 90 degrees of rotation or in a straight line. The return action can be driven by compressed air again (hence labeled Double Acting) or via a set of springs (called Spring Return/Single Acting). The mechanism to convert compressed air to torque is either a gear pair or a scotch yoke mechanism. Linear action does not require any mechanism. Sanyata’s rotary actuators combine rack and pinion and scotch yokes into one unified design and offer several unique features

    34 models offering the largest model range from 5 to 7800 N-m, thus ensuring an optimal fit for your valve
    Unified design maximizes part reuse, reduces complexity and facilitates greater production efficiencies for the rack and pinion and aluminum scotch yoke actuators
    Several materials (steel, aluminum and stainless steel) and actuator options available
    Very compact sizes compared to the competition
    Best possible Torque/Weight ratio in the market
    Minimum air consumption for DA versions
    High Visibility Indicator, Double End Stops and Hard Anodised housings are standard

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Scotch Yoke Range
Rack and Pinion Range