LPP Series Linear Actuators

Linear compact actuators that can provide thrust at high operating pressures

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SAFEAir Large Scotch Yoke

Large pneumatic actuators for large sized valves. Optimized design that offers unmatched value.


SAFEAir Pneumatic Actuators

Lightweight, compact with some of highest torque/weight ratios possible in a pneumatic actuator. Several design innovations allow us to offer the perfect fit for your valve automation.

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SAFEBox Limit Switch Box

Engineered to deliver under harsh conditions. All the switch options that you could possibly want. Special seal design that will not let you down even when the switch box is repeatedly opened up for wiring onsite ! ATEX version with even more options available.

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SAFELocal Control Station

Local control of any valve at your fingertips. Several wiring options are supported. Lightweight, cost effective local control station with configurable indicators and push buttons for improved ergonomics, safety and emergency responsiveness.

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A fluid powered (air/water/oil) actuator is used to operate your valve or damper in a controlled manner, thus ensuring that your process is safe and reliable. These actuators are mounted on the valve/damper and powered by an external pressurized fluid.
Our innovative actuation solutions (both pneumatic and hydraulic), in all materials and the right credentials can solve your most challenging automation needs. All accessories such as switch boxes, overrides and control panels are available. We specialize in executing the toughest actuation challenges.

About Sanyata

The most innovative actuation company that you’ll ever come across! The more esoteric your actuation challenge, the more likely it is that we have an answer.

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Our Vision

To be a world class provider of specialty engineered products with a focus on rapid innovation and great customer service

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Why Sanyata?
    Focused actuator manufacturer not a valve maker
    Competitive prices driven by innovative design and lean operations
    Shortest possible lead times in the market
    • Best

customer experience