Product Details

SAFEBox Limit Switch Box

A limit switch box sits on top of a valve and is wired (in the field) to indicate the state of the valve (either open/close or somewhere in between if it has a position sensor). Our designs ensure field reliability by offering best in class sealing that preserves enclosure integrity even as the switch box is opened up repeatedly onsite to wire it up.

    Designed for easy field wiring access, robust enough to take a few knocks and great IP67/IP 68 performance
    Compact limit switch boxes for oil and gas, process control, water and several other applications.
    Split shaft design that supports easy wiring, Serrated cams, Modular PCB construction, Analogue position transmitter option
    Switches in all shapes and sizes. Mechanical or Inductive(Flat/Slot/Cylindrical) inductive proximity sensors available
    Die cast aluminum & Stainless steel material options
    EX model available with even more switch and position indicator options