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SAFELocal Control Station

A local control station or box is often needed at important process locations within the plant to provide visual indication, centralize wiring and provide readily accessible buttons to control an actuator, pump or other devices. This is typically a non-standard and often expensive terminal box, put together onsite. We offer a rugged and standardized product that can be easily adapted for a wide variety of applications. Available in basic and standard versions

    Improved process safety by offering 4 LED indicators and an accessible emergency stop button along with two additional knobs
    Class leading compactness and weight
    Superior circular sealing allows the enclosure to withstand repeated opening/closing for wiring activity without losing its IP67/IP68 performance
    Sixty terminals that facilitate wiring in a clean and compact manner (standard versions)
    Multiple relay and switch options available – one safety interlock DPDT relay in standard version
    Offered in weather proof and ATEX versions with Aluminum and Stainless Steel enclosures

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